The Cats on Commerce - – Clarksville, Tennessee – Exceptional Veterinary Care and Exclusive Boarding

Our Commitment to Our Environment



At The Cats on Commerce, we are committed to doing whatever we can do to decrease our impact on the environment while maintaining the highest possible standard of care for our patients.  Here are some examples of our efforts to be conscientious environmental stewards:

  • During our demolition and construction phases, wherever possible we recycled, re-purposed or re-used materials or existing items in the building.  In our boarding room laundry/kitchen, instead of throwing away the existing cabinets, we sanded, re-painted and re-hung them.  We also installed an energy efficient dryer and high efficiency front-loading washer.

  • We re-finished the existing hardwood floors and sealed them with a product called Eco-Tuff Industrial Floor Coating.  This floor sealer contains no hazardous ingredients or VOC’s and is virtually odorless.  In other areas, wherever possible we also used Low or No VOC paints.

  • In our public and employee restrooms, we have installed low-flow water-saving toilets and we have chosen to use washable hand towels in our restrooms, rather than paper products.

  • Wherever possible we have used LED light fixtures, although at the present time, these are almost prohibitively expensive.  In our lobby area, we reluctantly chose Edison-style light bulbs, to maintain the authentic look of the Sputnik light fixtures.  In an effort to offset the less than eco-friendly light bulbs, we replaced the standard 40-watt ones with 25 and 15 watt bulbs and installed a dimmer.  As soon as possible, we will begin replacing the Edison-style light bulbs with CFL’s or LED’s.    We will continue to substitute LED’s for incandescent and even compact fluorescent light bulbs whenever possible.




  • We have a recycling program in effect.  Any paper, cardboard, plastic, glass or cans that need disposal are taken to a recycling facility.

  • For our cat litter, whenever possible and affordable, we use products that can be composted.  These products include crushed, dried corn husks and pine pellets. 

  • Our medical record keeping is almost entirely electronic, reducing the need to use large amounts of paper.  Even if medical records need to be received or sent with a patient, we are able to bundle them into an electronic document for handling.

  • We welcome your comments or suggestions regarding our environmental policy.  Please feel free to send us your thoughts at [email protected]