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The Cost of Cat Ownership

Kitty in a Coach

Kitty in a Coach

  • Have you ever considered how much it actually costs to own a cat?  Well fortunately the ASPCA has, and after factoring in more than just food and litter, the final tally may suprise you.

  • The average cost during the first year of owning your kitty, is about $1,035 and in following years, about $670.  We’ve included a link to the ASPCA’s Pet Care Costs chart so that you can see where the money goes.  Please keep in mind, this chart only takes into account estimated costs of recommended minimum care.

  • Of important note is that the ASPCA’s Pet Care Costs chart also includes the average annual cost of pet health insurance.  At The Cats on Commerce we strongly recommend purchasing pet health insurance or establishing a savings fund for your kitty’s healthcare or unexpected medical emergencies.  Please see our post entitled “Should I Get Pet Health Insurance?” for more detailed information.