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Should I get pet health insurance?

  • At The Cats on Commerce, we recommend owners purchase pet insurance, so that they can take advantage of the highest quality of care for their pets.
  • Many of the most stressful medical decisions are made when a pet experiences a life-threatening emergency.  Affordable pet insurance can ease this burden and many policies also cover general wellness visits, routine surgeries and offer multiple pet discounts.
  • To help you decide if an insurance product is right for you, we have included 2 links to articles published by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).  These articles also include links to several pet insurance companies, many of which will provide free on-line estimates.
  • Do you need pet insurance?:
  • AVMA Guidelines on Pet Health Insurance & Other Third Party Health Plans:
  • Since pet health insurance plans are usually reimbursement plans, we take the hassle out of filing the claims paperwork, by doing it for you.
  • We also offer other options to allow owners to plan for wellness visits, elective surgeries or unexpected emergencies.  Please contact us for complete information or send us an email at [email protected]